Wild Short Eared Owl in Flight XI
Birds of Prey Photography

Date TakenDate Taken: 13/12/2015
Camera ModelCamera Model: NIKON D4S
Focal LengthFocal Length: 550mm
Shutter SpeedShutter Speed: 1/500s
Aperture valueCamera Aperture: f/5.6
ISOISO: 6400
Wild Short Eared Owl in Flight XI


A wild Short Eared Owl hunts for breakfast during an unprecedented break in the heavy overcast skie, allowing the golden light of the rising sun to shine through. - See more at: http://www.photography-prints.co.uk/gallery/birds-of-prey-photography/933/wild-short-eared-owl-in-flight-i#sthash.6c8kkqFR.dpuf