Bird Photography Prints

Birds are fascinating creatures - each species different to the next with their own little quirks and personalities. They are also one of the most challenging subjects to photograph due to their somewhat unpredicatble nature and speed.

When it comes to photography, theres nothing more satisfying to me than actually getting close enough to capture them 'on film'. Capturing a razor sharp image of a bird in flight or in an interesting pose is just a bonus!

Harris Hawk Portrait

Birds of Prey Photography

Including Wild and Captive Raptors

A collection photos of various Birds of Prey and Raptors. Due to time restraints, a majority of these shots were taken at the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover, UK as I don't get the time to scout for wild raptors very often.

Pheasant Photography

Game Birds Photography

Pheasants are quite a common occurance here in The New Forest, but I still love to spend some time capturing them on camera.

Robin Red Breast

Garden Birds Photography

Including Kingfishers, Robins, Tits and Finches

Garden birds are in abundance in The New Forest meaning I don't have to travel far in order to get some shots. There are plenty of places and hides setup where I can sit for a day armed with my camera and a can of Monster waiting.

Pigeon Photography

Pigeon Photography

Including... Pigeons?

Piegeons seem to be one of the most hated and somehow feared of all the bird species I get very funny looks from people when see me photographing them. But why not?


Sea Birds Photography

Including Gulls, Turnstones and Godwits

Possibly my most favourite type of bird photography. Possibly because there are so many types that you don't normally see on a day to day basis, (gulls excluded obviously).

Grey Heron

Wading Birds Photography

Including Herons, Egrets and Spoonbills

Waders such as Herons and Egrets are quite common in the South and I love tracking them down and capturing their strange behaviours in a photo.


Water Birds Photography

Including Cormorants, Ducks, Geese, Swans and Coots

Water birds are my second favourite type of bird to photograph. I love the water and capturing birds as they swim or fly alongside their own reflection is amazingly satisfying.