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Nature photography is a wide ranging subject and encompasses capturing photos of many of the worlds subjects such as landscapes and animals. Please select a nature photo gallery below to view various galleries for that subject.

Turnstone Portrait

Bird Photography

Birds are one of my most favourite subjects to capture with a camera. From Pigeons and Sea Gulls to Birds of Prey and Herons, I love them all!

Coastal Landscape Photography

Coastal Landscape Photography

When it comes to landscape photography, coastal areas are where my main passion lies and is where I started in nature photography. Theres somthing about water, reflections and the golden light of dawn or late afternoon that just speaks to me.

Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography

I've always found inland landscape photography quite a challenge, especially in my local area of The New Forest where there is a lack of any serious elevation and photogentic scenes.

sika deer

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife is another of my passions in photography. Patience is the name of the game when any wild creature is the subject and theres nothing more rewarding than capturing a shot of somthing you know you've worked for.