Wildlife Photography

Wildlife is another of my passions in photography. Patience is the name of the game when any wild creature is the subject and theres nothing more rewarding than capturing a shot of somthing you know you've worked for.

Most of my non-captive wildlife photographic work revolves around what is available locally, e.g. Deer and Horses. However I have made several winter trips to RAF Donna Nook over the years to capture shots of grey seal colony.

Red Panda

Captive Wildlife Photography

Zoos and Reserves make great places to capture wildlife on film and provide fantastic practice opportunities.

Red Stag Barking from Ferns

Deer Photography

Includes Fallow, Sika and Red Deer

Deer make excellent photographic subjects, especially the red deer during the rut when they're bellowing away through the forest.

horse in winter

Horse & Donkey Photography

Living in The New Forest, horses and ponies are in seemingly endless supply and make both great wildlife portrait photos, or can be included in landscape photography add interest to the scene.

grey seals

Seals of Donna Nook Photography

Donna Nook is my most favourite place to go for wildlife photography in the UK. There somthing about laying on a beach with nothing but you and a massive colony of enourmous beasts.

Squirrel Photography

Squirrel Photography

Including Native Red and American Grey

Many people consider Squirrels, (especially the greys), here in the UK as vermine and pests. Personally, I love them and think they're amazing creatures.

grey squirrel

Other Wildlife Photography

A gallery for the wildlife that doesn't fall in with any other larger category!