More Kingfishers

Added on 19 August 2015
More Kingfishers

Another dawn, another trip to Blashford Lakes at 4.30am.

This morning I got up early to try my luck with the Kingfishers again. I visited again last saturday but very little activity was happening with them. Not many showing up and the ones that did were only there briefly.

Unfortunatly same again this moring except for one instance at around 5.40am, one came and landed on a branch with a perch in its mouth. As the light was so low I couldn't take any stills. However I did decide to try out the video mode on my Nikon D810.

Now anyone that knows me knows that I have the fact that camera makers are including video on SLRs these days. I really hate technology overlap. If I want video, i'll use my video recorder.

Anyhow I thought, what the hell and I tried it out. Have to say I'm quite impressed.

Heres the short video on YouTube. This was shot at 1/120s, f4 @ ISO-6400.

If nothing else its educational. My mother for example thought that Kingfishers took their food off to peck away at it. She was quite blown away when she saw this. Before heading back to start work, I did get a couple more shots of a loud Kingfisher Shrilling on the same branch again. They're in the gallery. Enjoy!

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