Red Squirrels

Added on 13 September 2015
Red Squirrels

I finally got around to visiting Brownsea Island in Dorset to see the Red Squirrels.

After years of people telling me, 'oh, you'll never see them there - they're too shy', a fellow photographer posted some pictures from his trip on Facebook which lit a fire under my butt.

Sure enough, I got there and ran into a fellow photographer, Alan Forder, who I have bumped into several times this year whilst out and about. We ended up shooting a small group of 3-4 Red Squirrels for most of the day and we both walked away with some fantastic shots.

A cheeky younger even decided he was going to 'break' into Alan's camera bag to steal from a bag of nuts that was 'squirreled' away in there.

Hand in the Cookie Jar

Feel free to check them out in the Squirrel Photography Gallery.


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