Wild Short Eared Owls

Added on 13 December 2015

Its been a fair few weeks since I've been out with the ole camera. I've recently moved out of my parents and into my own place with my other half so times been quite restrictive of late.

However, I heard through the large social grape vine that is Facebook, that a pair of Short Eared Owls were visiting us in Southampton and I went out to investigate early Friday morning, despite the bleak outlook.

The weather was overcast and there was just about enough light to be useful. However I had to get to work so the trip was only short lived, but I was happy with the few shots I took, especially as this was my first ever shots of a wild owl!

Wild Short Eared Owl in Golden Morning Light

This morning, I rolled out the door at 6.30am, again despite the heavy black cloud and dismal forecast - mainly just to get out and see them. I was pleasantly suprised when I was greeted with a break in the clouds during the sunrise, allowing enough golden light from the rising sun through to give me some lighting on the owls.

The golden light was short lived but there was still enough light around despite the cloud bank so I carried on shooting.

A little later a friend and fellow photography, Gary, wandered up after having spotted my car on the road. We carried on shooting until the pair vanished over the marshes for a good hour or so.

Later we were also greeted by a fair few other photographers and enjoyed an idle chat whilst waiting for the Owls to return. However I called it a day at lunchtime due to lack of sleep and available light.

Wild Short Eared Owl

As always, I have uploaded some shots to the approriate gallery, in this case the Birds of Prey Photography Prints Gallery.

Hope you enjoy.


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