Wild Rabbits
In the New Forest

Added on 25 June 2015

Its been a very long time since my last blog update. I think that was about aiming to do some wildlife photography in the rain with my new covers. Needless to say, I didn't really do much of it.

Things have been quiet on the photography front the last couple of months. But I return once again, and this time with shots of Wild Rabbits in The New Forest.

Rabbits are one of those subjects that I've always wanted to get up close and personal shots with, but have never really had much of a chance. You see them all the time here in The New Forest - but trying to get anywhere near them is nigh on impossible most of the time. They're usually sat roadside where there's no where to park, and on the times that you can pull over - as soon as your door clicks open on the car - zoom! They're gone.
That all changed last weekend when I drove past somewhere in the New Forest that I have known rabbits frequent for years. However, I've only ever once stopped there in an attempt to get shots.

Something different happened this time thought, (and indeed this evening on a return visit). I actually managed to get close enough to get some decent shots! Sometimes a rabbit was within 20 foot of my lens.

Wild Rabbit in The New Forest

I've learned over the years that patience is a virtue. Ok so its not one I always possess, but it does pay off.

Upon approaching these rabbits, they did indeed mostly bolt. But they returned within minutes after I had gotten myself settled on a muddy bank alongside the field they were on. Being down wind of them also helped.

I've also been out doing some bird photography again, both at the Hawk Conservancy Trust and in some bird hides at Testwood lakes and Blashford Lakes. I even managed to catch a shot of a Pied Wagtail for once, and a rather random shot of a Grass Snake up close.

Grass Snake

Anyway I hope you enjoy the shots. You can find them in the Other Wildlife Photography Prints Gallery.


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